EMO-iPharmacy - Pharmacy Management System - FREE

Establish online pharmacy - online pharmacy orders, communication, payment collection, maintain automated re-fill /re-order threshold levels. Electronically communicate with referring doctor while suggesting equivalent / alternate medicines.

Manage your pharmacy completely with EMO-iPharmacyApp. Any pharmacy in India, even without a desktop computer or internet can monitor and manage the pharmacy efficiently with EMO-iPharmacy App.

Key Features

Online Orders

Patients or family members can place online order by taking a snap of the prescription and electronically sharing it with the local pharmacy. Pharmacist gets SMS / Text alert for every order placed and coordinates with patient for order confirmation and medications home delivery or pick-up.

Inventory Management

Helps the pharmacist to maintain the store inventory.

Patient Relationship Management

Helps in regularly engaging the patients for their re-fills, and promotional offers.

Patient Caller ID

When any patient calls the pharmacy, the app displays patient name, last order date, and current medication so that the pharmacist has all the relevant information handy before taking the call.

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