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iPhysician Hub's Hospital Information System (EMO-iHospital) has several unique advantages over other existing legacy HIS systems. EMO-iHospital focuses on four functional areas - care management, day-to-day operations management, finance management and inventory management. Care management handles out-patient as well as in-patient care management - starting from registration, inpatient care, and discharge. Out-patient module handles the department specific and doctor specific schedules, patient registration, patient appointments as well as billing. EMO-iHospital also has the provision to generate prescription orders, clinical summary, and patient registration card (this also helps during emergency as emergency card).

In-patient module can handle the department specific, ward specific, nursing station specific parameters including inter department, intra department transfers (moving from one ward to other ward, ward to operation theater, etc.). Doctor's instructions can be recorded for each patient during doctor consultant rounds. The nursing station can view and follow the doctor's instructions irrespective of the shift changes.

Finance management brings the required flexibility in the overall system with variable costing, billing options based on the "point of service". Inventory management mainly helps the in-house pharmacies to have single comprehensive view of medications as well as the other consumables. Medications or the consumables indented, consumed, returned can be tracked and easily reconciled.

While maintaining independence of each EMO-iHospital module, the integrated workflow brings substantial value-add to operations & administrative management, including payment collections for each shift /day, shift roaster, and inventory status. Also, appointment snapshot, including potential choking area can be easily identified and addressed by designated hospital administrative staff. Other value-add services include transition of care between different providers, patient referrals, information exchange, and care management, with little or extra efforts for either party.

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iPhysicianHubTM can help the participating providers to enhance their websites and social media presence, by making them mobile friendly so that they can be accessed by the users all over India from any device, anywhere, and anytime.

Online Brand Promotion

iPhysicianHubTM will assist all the participating providers to have proper online and social media presence, search advertisement, and social media ads to build the brand and increase patient awareness and volume.

Health-IT Expertise and Support Services

iPhysicianHubTM will extend Health-IT services and expertise to all the participating healthcare providers to help transition their facilities to meet the needs of the new digital healthcare world for new initiatives as well as ongoing support services.

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