EMO-iClinic - Free EHR for Doctors

Establish online clinic - online appointment booking, patient records, payment collection, maintain patient registry for better coordination. Doctors can also offer tele-visits and e-visits to their patients.

EMO-iClinicApp: Manage your clinic from anywhere and anytime through EMO-iClinicApp on your mobile phone.

Key Features

Appointments Scheduler

Supports single or multi-locations schedules; easy to customize; inbuilt text message alerts and reminders to patients and doctors.

Patient Records and Document Management

Maintain patient records, access patient records from anywhere, and share test results with patients.

Patient Relationship Management

Regularly engage patients with SMS and email communication for chronic care management.

Patient Caller ID

When any patient calls, the app displays patient name, last visit date, health conditions, and current medication so that the doctor has all the pertinent information handy before taking the call.

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